Team Straus vs. Team Ethical Conservatives
The Grassroots

Texas Home School Coalition, Tim Lambert

Eric Story:
"If you believe the list of names pledged to re-elect Joe Straus as Texas House Speaker, it appears we will have a long list of names to add to our RINO list soon. Joe Straus promised the Democrats he would not allow legislation to the floor dealing with illegal immigration, voter ID, or Pro-Life. He delivered. If our elected, supposedly conservative, officials support this man, who has also reportedly paid both Republican and Democrats for their vote, they will be replaced. Contact every Republican Texas Representative now and explain that we expect a true conservative that will bring honor and integrity back to Austin."

Donna Garner

FreedomWorks, Dick Armey

Charles Lingerfelt

Human Events, Erick Erickson

CitizenLink. (Focus on the Family)

Representative Jim Pitts (Straus Supporter) confronted by the Grassroots