J.B. "Josh" Flynn, EA

Post Office Box 431158

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Houston, Texas 77243-1158


Work Experience:


Associated Services


1993 to

Present Principal   Houston, Texas
    Responsibilities include: .    
      Business operations manager.
      Principal field consultant for Associated Services' client base.
      Partial Listing of Current Clients
    DOT, Federal Aviation Administration  
1992 to 1995 Air Traffic Controller Houston, Texas  
    Pro Staff  
1991 to 1992 Auditor   Houston, Texas
    TFM Sound, Inc. d/b/a MUZAK  
1987 to 1991 Administrative Manager Harlingen, Texas  
    Texas State Bank formerly Harlingen National Bank  
1987 to 1988 Accounts Representative Harlingen, Texas  
    United State Marine Corp  
1985 to 1993

Infantry Fire-Team Leader

    Peoples State Bank  
1981 to 1985 Assistant Cashier Dallas, Texas  


Associated Services Responsibilities:


Auditing Associated Services books on a monthly basis. Human Resource liaison. In charge of setting up various locations for tax season customer convenience. Payroll; calculation of commissions, hourly rate and salaried employees. Accounts Receivable; create invoicing, process monthly statements, collections. Accounts Payable; auditing current payables and setting up priority in cash flow management. General Ledger; monthly entries, depreciation and amortization. Reconciliation of various checking, savings, investment and credit card accounts. Marketing; demographic studies based on socio-economic background, creating advertising and disseminating finding the most cost effective means. IT coordinator.


Set up small business accounting systems. Create business procedures catered to the needs of the client. Establish a set of needs and wants for accounting data, growth prospects, and marketing. Personalized government and association compliance issues. Annual, quarterly or monthly financial statement disclosure. Interviewing to access abilities, and training new employees in various software applications. Representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service on all tax issues and disagreements. Preparing Federal Income Tax Returns both personal and corporate. Preparing Informational Returns for Gift Tax, Partnerships and Non-Profit Organizations. Help clients with year end inventory and property tax valuations.


FAA Responsibilities:

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic control specialists at FAA air route traffic control centers (ARTCCs) give aircraft instructions, air traffic clearances, and advice regarding flight conditions while en route between airports. They provide separation between aircraft flying along the Federal airways or operating into or out of airports not served by a terminal facility. Center controllers use radar, or in some cases, manual procedures to track the progress of all instrument flights within the center's airspace. Where radar coverage is available and their workload permits, en route controllers also provide radar service to pilots who are not on instrument flight plans, alerting them to potential traffic conflicts. Controllers transfer control of aircraft to controllers in adjacent centers, or approach control, or terminal, when the aircraft enters that facility's airspace.


Pro Staff Responsibilities:


General ledger auditing and reconciliation. Extensive Lotus 1-2-3 and Quattro Pro usage.


MUZAK Responsibilities:

Administrative Manager

Full charge accountant and administrator. Reported directly to the board of directors with all financial statements, quarterly. Human resources director in charge of all hiring, training and disciplining of employees. Accounts payable reconciliation of accounts in excess of one hundred thousand dollars. Accounts receivable billing management. Inventory management, tracking shipping and receiving. Bank reconciliation. Muzak was a company that grossed over one million dollars each year and had within any given year thirty employees.


Texas State Bank Responsibilities:

Accounts Representative

In charge of customer satisfaction. Soliciting new commercial business and personal investment accounts. Was the number one student in their training program. Responsible for commercial cash deposits in excess of one million dollars for Wal-Mart.


Marine Corp Responsibilities:


Completed training in the top one-percent. Honorable discharged, as a Non-Commissioned Officer, after being activated and serving a tour in the Mojave Desert for four months during Operation Desert Storm. Infantry squad leader, Third Platoon, "C" Company, First Battalion, Twenty Third Marine Regiment, Fourth Marine Division.


Peoples State Bank Responsibilities:

Assistant Cashier

Started at age fifteen filing checks in bookkeeping, then ran the encoding machine, transaction research, customer service reconciliation of customer accounts. When I turn sixteen I became a teller. Shortly thereafter became drive thru "branch" manager. Upon my seventeenth birthday I was the assistant cashier over the entire teller staff (8). I was responsible to the cashier for vault balances and teller balances. Made calculations based on the fed fund rate for federal reserve transfers.

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